I am interested in exploring our sense of self, the psycho-biological processes regarding consciousness, technology, and the interplay between our inner and external worlds. This exploration draws from areas of affect theory, metaphysics, phenomenology, and speculative fiction.
The work itself often references the body or flesh, the point of contact between one’s interior space and the physical realm; a kind of psychic vessel that responds to the pressures of each. Technological aesthetics and digital processes become metaphors for aspects of the experience of self, as well as methods of interrogation and modes of interaction.
Denise Wakeman is a queer-identifying, interdisciplinary artist originally from Memphis, TN who currently lives and works in rural VA. Wakeman received her BFA from the University of Memphis with honors in 2018 and her MFA from Alfred University in 2020. 
She has exhibited regionally in both the South and Northeast, worked as a ceramic studio assistant, a sculpture teaching assistant, and has received awards from institutions such as The Metal Museum.